Mike Upjohn

Portfolio: Historical Severe Weather Database

Historical Severe Weather Database

The Historical Severe Weather Database or HSWD for short was the product of a 30-week dissertation during my final year as an undergraduate at Staffordshire University. The challenge was to gather requirements, research, analyse, design, build, test and evaluate a solution for a real-world problem - in this case showing and analysing data in new ways that had not been done before.

The Problem

Until now, data is often logged of severe weather data across the world, but very often, a decent graphical representation of this lacks. This is an area for which a solution can be developed. NOAA who have extensive developments in all asepects of meteorology across the U.S., make available vast amounts of data, usually in CSV format. This data, although available for such use, is very often not exploited further. A graphical representation of such data could add a lot of value to the data, and may be the key in allowing further analysis of the data to take place.

The Project

The project which began in September 2012 and ran through until the end of April 2013, allowed for each stage of the project to take place. A first build of the solution began using ASP.NET and C# technologies, with use of SQL Server and JavaScript, in early-March 2013 and ran through until the end of April 2013. Copies of the full dissertation are available on request in PDF format.

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