Mike Upjohn

About Me


My name is Mike and I am a graduate BSc (Hons) International Web Programmer, who graduated from Staffordshire University in July 2013 with a 2:1. My current plan is to student MRes Computing Science until September 2014 at Staffordshire University again, writing scientific research papers. From there I look towards starting in my first position as an ASP.NET C# web developer or PHP web developer / programmer.

Final Year Dissertation

My final year project was a dissertation combined with a resulting web artefact. The mission of any FYP at Staffordshire University is to solve a real-world problem in keeping with the appropriate award. Owing to the strong passion for meteorology a project was founded in understanding severe weather events across the U.S.A. A system methodology was developed, and research, analysis and design phases were utilised, resulting in a Historical Severe Weather Database.

The finished web artefact, is a high-quality ASP.NET C# programmed web application that links in with a local database of exported NOAA data. The database currently contains around 350,000 data records for over 50 different types of severe weather. The main page of this application allows for custom queries to be developed to retrieve data in both tabular format and also overlaid, on Google Maps.

This artefact is still working and available at the above link. Sign up is free and I would greatly encourage you to take a look it! Finally to note, this project achieved 3 1st grade points.

Industrial Placement

In February 2011, I was lucky enough to obtain an international placement between my second and final year at university, whereby I would work for Syngenta in Basel, Switzerland for a year beginning in August 2011. The experience of living in a foreign country for a year is unforgettable and has memories that will stay for life. Besides the highlights, the chance to work for such a large agribusiness, was an exceptionally helpful experience, going in to my final year at university.

And to finish...

Finally, as from September 2013 I will be starting an MRes in Computing Science at Staffordshire University. So, if any of the above has interested you about me, I encourage you to take a look at my CV which can be found below. In any case, please use the contact form on the Contact Me page to send me a message and I will endeavour to get back to you where necessary as quickly as possible.

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